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Fuji 2100 Mini Tanning System

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This Fuji HVLP Tan system is compact and agile, perfect for mobile applications. Although not as quiet as the patented Fuji Ultra Quiet Salon system, this system is more designed towards mobility and comes at a smaller price.

  • System Features:
  • The speed of the motor is set. No need to adjust speed at the turbine or use an air control valve on the hose.
  • Attractive steel case is powder-coated in a durable textured finish. The chosen color is black to disguise any stains from tanning solution.
  • Has heavy-duty rubber feet to protect floors.
  • Has a 10 foot lightweight, clear flexible hose with a black helix. The hose also features a clear plastic bend restrictor at the turbine end.
  • Utilizes a brass quick-connect to the spray gun.
  • Has a non-bleed trigger valve gun, considerably reducing overspray and the blowing around of solution.
  • The spray gun can be used to blow-dry client after the session by gently pulling the trigger to the first stage of travel.
  • Because the air flows only when you pull the trigger, the 'hissing' noise it produces is much less noticeable.
  • The spray pattern fan is already set to the optimum spray tanning distance of 4-6 inches. To achieve a smaller size fan, such as needed for the arm and wrist, simply move the gun closer to the client.
  • A round pattern as small as 1/8" in diameter, perfect for portraying or enhancing abs, can be achieved with just a quick manual adjustment.
  • The stainless steel gun features an 8oz bottom feed solution cup with stainless steel fluid passages.
  • Includes a gun holder/filling station.
  • Easy to use filling station, simply place gun on the holder and fill the miniature 2 ounce (75cc) gravity cup 3/4 full.
  • The ergonomic insulated handle never gets hot.
  • Includes a User Manual plus a cleaning brush and maintenance wrench.
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