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Achieve the ultimate spray tan using our airbrush tanning systems and kits

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Welcome to our Airbrush Tanning Kits Buying Guide page!

Here you'll find the top brands in the salon business, including Iwata and Fuji, all at great prices. Each of our kits are listed below as well as in the category pages Airbrush Tanning Kits and Airbrush Tanning - HVLP & LVLP Kits. We also have helpful airbrush tanning reference links under our complete airbrush tanning online manual.

If you are new to airbrush tanning systems, may we suggest you start with Airbrush Tanning 101. We are also available to help you by phone -- see the "Customer Service" tab in the main menu above for our full address information.

We have a quick-info tab listed below each kit or click on the picture to reach the individual system's product page with even more detailed information.

This Month's Featured Spray Tanning System

Venus Elite High Efficiency Spray Tan Business Kit

Venus Elite High Efficiency Spray Tan Business Kit - $289.00

The Venus Elite Business kit combines all the essential elements to start a spray tanning business in one complete kit!

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Personal Airbrush Tanning Systems

We recommend these systems for those that are looking for a smaller systems designed towards personal and non-commercial use. Self-tanners or beginners with just an interest in tanning will probably gain the most use out of these less powerful systems, designed to achieve great tanning results without the more obtrusive, louder business systems.

Economy Airbrush Tanning Kit

Economy Airbrush Tanning System - $229.95

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Personal or Business Airbrush Tanning Systems

The Tanning Store offers kits designed for both personal use and/or business use. With enough power to hold their own in a salon or other shop setting and enough endurance to be put to everyday use, they are also easy to maneuver and light enough for personal tanning sessions at home.

Although these are our most adaptable kits and may best suit your tanning needs, keep in mind that they may not necessarily be your best choice if you are looking for an appropriate kit for a specific situation or preference.

Business Airbrush Tanning Systems

The following systems are recommended for a salon or other workplace, meeting the demand to perform in a more rigorous setting. They are designed to be used everyday (providing the correct cleaning and basic maintenance is performed adequately - we have a page dedicated to proper kit care here) and are more powerful, more resistant and capable for continuous usage than the kits mentioned above.

Kate Moss Starter Kit

Kate Moss Starter Kit - $339.00

Get started with St Tropez today! Whether you are a mobile technician or salon, our Starter Kits comes with everything you need to give your customers a glamorous bronzed St Tropez sunless tan. This kit includes St Tropez Sunless Bronzing Mist, sunless tanning machine and a Kate Moss Mobile Marketing Pack.

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Pro Studio Tanning Kit

Pro Studio Kit - $869.95

Unlike many other airbrush tanning systems, this compressor has two ways to spray! The kit includes both an Iwata HP-BCR 2000 premium dual-action airbrush (with a 5 year warranty) and, for the ultimate in performance, an Iwata G6 Spray Gun. Use as a single or dual workstation system and easily switch between airbrush tanning and airbrush touch-up, tattoos or airbrush makup. This kit is the ultimate in flexibility!

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TurboAir ColorMyst Airbrush Tanning Kit

ColorMyst Kit - $449.95

A beast of a compressor in a beauty of a package! Hidden out of view inside this elegant mobile case is a dual compressor unit with an air tank equivalent in power to our most powerful airbrush compressor, the Power Jet Pro. Retract the handle, and this unit makes a professional salon-based spray tanning workstation. Store away the hose and GP-70 TurboSpeed Airbrush inside the case, and you're ready to take your tanning service out on the road. You can't buy a system like this for less than $1,000 anywhere!

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Fuji HVLP Black Mini Tanning System

Fuji Mini Black System
Fuji HVLP Mini Black System - $499.00

The Fuji HVLP Tan system is designed for portability and straight forward simplicity. While not as quiet as the larger Fuji system below, it is smaller, cheaper and considerably more mobile than other airbrush tanning systems.

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Ultra Quiet Fuji HVLP Tan Salon System

Tan Salon System - $799.95

Simply the finest piece of spray tan equipment in the world!

Fuji Spray has been the leading manufacturer of specialized spray tanning HVLP turbine systems for over 5 years now. Fuji manufactures not only the quietest system for salon use, but also the simplest to operate. The system is UL-listed as a cosmetic device, and is CSA approved too. This is probably the most important feature for professional use in salons as insurance coverage will be easier to obtain if your airbrush tanning systems and equipment appears under these approval listings.

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