Airbrush Compressors

We offer top of the line airbrush compressors - Iwata, Temptu and TurboAir - for a reasonable price with great customer support. Large or small, for portable or stationary use, we have a compressor to fit every tanning need, complete with fittings, filters, air hoses and airbrush adapters.

Iwata Studio Series Compressors utilize the latest technology to fulfill your every airbrushing need. Powerful, compact and remarkably quiet, these reliable airbrush compressors, with oil-less piston motors, are low maintenance and affordably priced, meaning artists can now spray a variety of different mediums without compromise. Iwata Studio Series products are built with Iwata best-quality assurances and specifically engineered for use by creative people.

The ultimate airbrush tool, Temptu Pro compressors use the latest technology in their powerful, compact, reliable compressors. Even the most demanding work environments are no match for these easy-to-maintain and adaptable compressors.