Body Art and Airbrush Tattoos

Temptu Pro has been producing long-lasting body art products and innovative cosmetics for over twenty-five years. When the original Temptu Pro All-Ink Transfer was invented for the 1981 movie “Tattoo,” it became an overnight success with Hollywood makeup pros and body artists alike.

In the process of creating a superior transfer ink, we discovered that the same formulas could be used to manufacture an exceptional line of body paints and cosmetics, giving birth to Temptu Pro Body Art.

Temptu Pro offers the highest quality body art products on the market. We were among the first to innovate body art with the use of airbrush equipment and tattoo stencils, and those innovations continue, with products like Dura Platinum – our incredible paint that lasts up to ten days.

Today our paints are industry favorites for body art, skin, prosthetics, tattoo coloring and special effects. We are leading the next generation in premier body art application.