Aura Allure Spray Tanning Machine with Norvell Sunless Pro Pack and Bronze Tent

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Aura Allure Spray Tanning Machine with Norvell Sunless Pro Pack and Bronze Tent

This Spray Tan Bundle includes:

  • Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine
  • Spray Gun with Satin Spray Nozzle Technology.
  • Norvell Spray Tan Products:
    • 8 oz - Venetian Tanning Solution
    • 8 oz - ONE Tanning Solution
    • 8 oz - Norvell Dark Spray Tan Solution
    • 8 oz - Norvell Cosmo Spray Tan Solution
    • 8 oz XLATAN
    • 8 oz Hydrofirm
    • 34 oz Barrier Cream
    • 34 oz DHA Free Training Solution
  • Bronze Spray Tan Pop Up Tent with Carry Bag

Satin Spray Nozzle Technology
Finest atomization for perfect coverage, a smooth feeling on the skin and low overspray.

Fine, Precise Flow Control
The solution dial has been esepcially designed for the tanning market and gives 0-2fl oz of solution control.

Stylized Salon Design
Gloss black surfaces and metallic finishes give this machine a lavish feel of class and luxury.

Whisper Quiet Turbine
Less noise allows more flexibility for salons, spa's & training schools. You can now listen to your customers and students.

Lightweight Turbine with Cable Management
Compact, feminine and easy to store away, with a practical, first to the market cable management feature.

Retractable Carry Handle
Unique hidden handle sits neatly within the design of the turbine and draws up to aid in storing and moving the machine. Customize with branding available.

Gun Holder
Machine can be moved with the gun docked. No spillages, no need for extra hands. All in one storage solution.

Long Flexi Hose
11.5ft Durable, extra soft, extra flex hose for increased maneuverability. Twist & lock connection at gun.

Ingenious Filtration System

Overspray is channeled behind the side panel and directed into the filter hidden underneath the unit.

Allure Features

Allure Operation and Care