Aura Compact Spray Tanning Machine with Norvell Sunless Pro Pack and Bronze Tent

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    This Spray Tan Bundle includes:
  • Aura Compact Elite Spray Tan Machine
  • Spray Gun with Satin Spray Nozzle Technology.
  • 8 oz - Norvell Venetian Spray Tan Solution
  • 8 oz - Norvell ONE Spray Tan Solution
  • 8 oz - Norvell Legend Plus Natural Spray Tan Solution
  • 8 oz XLATAN
  • 8 oz Hydrofirm
  • 34 oz Norvell Barrier Cream
  • 34 oz Norvell DHA Free Training Solution
  • 25 pair Pink Spa Soles Disposable Feet Protectors
  • Bronze Spray Tan Pop Up Tent with Carry Bag

Norvell tanning solutions are Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Sulfate Free, Phthalate Free, GMO Free, Triclosan Free, All Natural Fragrance, 100% Vegan and Nut-Allergen Free!

The Elite Compact Sprayer includes:

  • Elite Compact Turbine Unit
  • Elite Spray Gun with Satin Nozzle Technology
  • Two Solution cups with unique cone cross sections that pool the solution around the pick-up tube for spray to the last drop convenience with no sputtering. Pick up tube extends to the bottom of the cup with clever grooves to ensure fluid flow.
  • Generous hose with twist and lock connection.
  • Spare Parts Kit (Turbine Filter, Cup Gasket, Solution Pick Up Tube)
  • Detailed System manual

Elite Compact Features:

  • Satin Spray Nozzle Technology 
  • Finest atomization for a perfect tan and a smooth feeling on the skin. Easy flow adjustment dial for different operation speeds and reduction of overspray.
  • Long Life Turbine 
  • Powerful, yet quiet turbine with easy access to the removable, washable filter.
  • Fine & Precise Flow Control 
  • The solution dial has been especially designed for the tanning market and gives 0-2fl oz of solution control.
  • Solution Cup 
  • 5fl oz non-topple capacity container with clever cone internals and toothed pick up tube.