Aura Elite Compact Spray Tan Machine - Open Box

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Aura Elite Compact Spray Tan Machine - Open Box

This unit sells new for $169.00. This is an open box item that carries a full 1 year warranty. It is in like new mechanical and electrical working order. Minor cosmetic blemishes may be present on some units in this class. Save Big!

The Elite Compact Spray Tan Machine includes:

  • Elite Compact Turbine Unit
  • Elite Compact Spray Gun with Satin Nozzle Technology
  • Solution cup with unique cone cross sections that pool the solution around the pick-up tube for spray to the last drop convenience with no sputtering. Pick up tube extends to the bottom of the cup with clever grooves to ensure fluid flow.
  • Generous hose with twist and lock connection.
  • Detailed System manual

Elite Compact Sprayer Features:

  • Stain Spray Nozzle Technology: Finest atomization for a perfect tan and a smooth feeling on the skin. Easy flow adjustment dial for different operation speeds and reduction of overspray.
  • Long Life Turbine: Powerful, yet quiet turbine with easy access to the removable, washable filter.
  • Fine & Precise Flow Control: The solution dial has been especially designed for the tanning market and gives 0-2fl oz of solution control.
  • Solution Cup: 5fl oz non-topple capacity container with clever cone internals and toothed pick up tube, for no spillage and no solution wastage.
  • Flexi Hose: High grade 6.5ft flexi-hose with secure twist and lock connection to the gun. No hose detachment whilst spraying, no interruptions to spray.
  • Lightweight & Compact: The lightest Aura sprayer with gun storage well and a stable flat cup design.

*** These units are demo units, returns, or may have been damaged in shipping. All units have been repaired and are in new working condition under full warranty. They may have small dents, scratches or discoloration.***

Technical Data:
  • Power source: 110v
  • Power consumption: 280 W
  • Hose: 6.5ft, twist and lock Cup volume: 5 fl oz
  • Weight: approx. 3.5lbs
  • Color: Black