Aviva Inspires Atlas Tan Competition Bronzer

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Aviva Inspires Atlas Tan Competition Bronzer

Instant Competition Bronzer for Elite Bodybuilder & Fitness Models
Oil-Free, Alcohol-Free

Show off all your hard work and achieve the ultimate in bigger-than-life color! This spray bronzer is specifically designed to take appearance to the next level under the scrutiny of the stage lights. With this deep-rich mahogany color, be the envy of your competitors, earn more points from the judges and get more applause from the audience. This oil-free, alcohol-free, non-drying formula was developed with health in mind and contains no unhealthy ingredients or overpowering smells. For the ultimate performance color, simply spray on as dark as you want.

Size: 1 ltr / 33.8 fl oz (approx. 15-16 applications)
Development Time:
Average Tan Length: n/a
Tanning Level: For any skin type

Directions: Exfoliate thoroughly 24 hours before application for best tanning results. Apply in even, light strokes for uniform coverage and discard any unused solution from your completed session. Do not oversaturate skin. Avoid water contact and perspiration until skin is dry. Wash off with soap and water.

Spray Directions: Depending on equipment and body size, approximately 2oz of spray solution is needed for the average full-body application. Do not over-saturate skin. After session is complete, discard any unused solution from cup. Best sprayed at room temperature.

Storage: Store below 70° F in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and air exposure. Refrigerate after opening.

*always consult directions on bottle before using