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Organic Acai Berry and Sage (84% organic): Our Replenish Serum is an enriching boost to your Aviva Labs spray tan. Organic Coconut, Acai Berry, Sage, and Beet Root infuses your tan with Vitamins E and K for increased skin health, Vitamin A for firmer, more supple skin, and Vitamin C for its amazing antioxidant properties.

Aviva Labs Organic Serums are powerful, concentrated drops of uniquely blended ingredients designed to enhance your client’s spray tan experience by promoting long-term skin health.

  • Acai Berry and Sage infuses a tan with Vitamins E and K.

Aviva Organic Serums perfectly compliment your Aviva tanning service and will truly set you apart from the competition by offering your clients a unique tan which caters to their individual skin needs.

Organic Serum Directions:
Each Organic Serum comes with a dropper for ease of use. For best results, follow the simple table below, stir mixture gently in solution cup to blend, and then spray tan as normal.

Solution Quantity  Amount of Serum to Add
Partial Service (One Ounce)              2 Full Droppers*
Full Body Service (Two Ounces)       5 Full Droppers*
Liter of Solution                                   Entire Serum Bottle
* A“Full Dropper” is approx. ⅓ the height of the entire dropper tube

Please note: Because the Coconut and Lavender Serum is a thicker consistency, use half the above recommended dosage to ensure best results.

Storage Instructions:
Aviva Labs Organic Serums are not designed to be used with any Non-Aviva spray tan solution, and results cannot be guaranteed. When not in use, store Organic Serums in a cool, dry, location out of direct sunlight. Use Aviva Organic Serums within 3 Months. Aviva recommends that you store any remaining enhanced solution in a separate spray tan cup rather than pouring it back into an un-enhanced liter.

Aviva Labs Organic Serum FAQS
Q: What inspired you to create Aviva Organic Serums?
A: When your clients get an Aviva Labs spray tan, they aren’t just getting any old tan that they can get anywhere else. They are receiving a tan that has a specifically chosen percentage strength, depth of color, type of undertone, and length before rinse off, and the most effective before and aftercare on the market. And now they can also receive which nutrients are best for their skin type! It is the ultimate spray tan experience. A spray treatment rather than a spray tan.
Q: What will these serums do for my business?
A: Aviva tanning has always been about giving you the ability to provide your client with a customized tan. Now you can take that a step further and also create a solution that will have additional organic ingredients chosen based on your client’s skin type to maximize the spray tan’s long-term health benefits!
Q: Why type of impact will Aviva Labs Organic Serums have on the performance of my spray tan?
A: Each Organic Serum has been tested to work specifically with all Aviva Labs Spray Tan solutions, it should not impact the performance of my tan- it’ll last just as long feel just as great and should have the same minimal odor. The serums are designed to add a boost of organic certified ingredients to their skin for long-term health.
Q: Which Serum is the best?
A: One serum is not better than the other--they cater to specific skin needs to help nourish your client’s skin for long-term improvements.
Q: Can a client pick which serum to use?
A: The serum selection is based upon the consultation between you and the client. We do not recommend that they pick them. Remember: you are the specialist! One of the great things about this system will be that you are able to create a custum solution for your client for what is best for their skin.
Q: Are the serums fragrance free?
A: Yes, there are no added fragrances in the serum, but the organic ingredients do have a natural (pleasant) aroma.
Q: Should I charge more for an enhanced spray tan serum?
A: We recommend to make it part of your service and/or keep the upcharge to a minimum at anywhere between free to 99 cents upcharge per enhanced spray tan.
Q: What if I use less, or more, of the Organic Serum than is recommended?
A: These are super healthy organic ingredients so it will not hurt to have some extra. Too less you won’t reap the benefits. Too much and you won’t negatively impact the performance of the tan or significantly improve the benefits.
Q: What happens if I pour an enhanced solution back into my regular liter?
A: As long as you are pouring less than two ounces into more than eight ounces, there will be no noticeable difference. If you are pouring two or more ounces into eight or less ounces then the result will be spray tans similar to the enhanced service.
Q: Can the three different serums be combined, or must they be used separately?
A: We recommend using only one type of serum per service, as per the results on your updated consultation form.
Q: How should I store my extra enhanced solution?
A: Instead of pouring it back into the liter, we recommend keeping a few extra spray tan solution cups or small bottles handy and using them to hold the solutions. We have labels that you can mark them with to identify which product you have in which cup. The reason for this is so that you still have the hypoallergenic Aviva solution that only has 13 ingredients for your clients who may have allergies.
Q: Are the Organic Serums safe for clients with allergies or hypersensitive skin?
A: We recommend that you review the ingredient list with your client first to ensure they are not allergic to any of the organic ingredients in the serums. As with any new client, we also recommend requiring a signed waiver before any spray tan service, enhanced or not.
Q: How much do the Serums cost to purchase?
A: $10.00 individually or 3 for $20.00, if they purchase a liter. They are $30 individually, or 3 for $90.00 without the purchase of a liter
Q: How much product is in each bottle?
A: One serum bottle is enough for 16 spray tans, or one liter of solution.
Q: How long do the Serums last?
A: The serum shelf life is 3 months