Black Changing Room & Tanning Tent

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This new addition to our Tent line-up includes a zippered door! You can unzip the bottom, 1 side and the top to have a hinged door! For changing room use, unzip the bottom and one side and you have a door similar to dedicated changing room tents.

  • Light – Let there be light! The 6 foot door lets in a lot of light. Still, shadows can develop on the face and shoulders. The generous clear solid vinyl top of the Tent can solve this problem simply and elegantly -- making it easy for you to see the color guide.
  • Color – The large door provides superior lighting to allow the use of a superior stain hiding black color.
  • Size – The Tent is a generous 7’ X 4’ X 4’. Not only is it the largest on the market, but it also has an opening a 6 footer can walk through without bending.
  • Frame – It’s built around a high gauge, low memory spring steel frame. It’s strong but flexible, resists out-of-shape problems, and pops up and folds down easily.
  • Fabric – We specify 210D fabric rather than lighter 190T fabric found in cheap knock-offs. Combined, double stitching and 210D fabric mean a lower likelihood of stitch separation at stress points.
  • Floor – Most overspray settles to the floor. The waterproof, built-in floor will catch this overspray and protect floors. It can simply be wiped down after each use. Or, provide a towel or bath mat.
  • Extraction Fan Opening – A zippered opening with tie-ups is provided for insertion of an overspray extraction fan/filter or air cleaner. The opening is a half moon shape instead of square.
  • Carry Bag – Many pop-up tents come with bags that barely contain the tent. The Tent has a large bag with shoulder length carrying straps.