Black Venus Spray Tanning Machine - SDR

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The Venus Elite Spray Tanning System represents a leap in technical design refinement with its ease of use, superb performance and flawless, quick application. It has quickly become the new standard in the tanning design industry. Astonishing aesthetic details and thoughtfully engineered features including its own FX-series spray gun, the Venus system's gorgeous design befits its mythological name.

The Venus Elite system consists of an integrated control, a turn dial or push-button HVLP turbine with quick connect hose, and an FX-design series professional spray gun. Consumer features include a built-in automatic auxiliary heat function for client comfort, two built-in cup recesses to hold the spray gun and an extra solution cup when not in use, a removable washable air filter to ensure clean-air intake is keeping your system clog-free, and rubber feet for secure placement and prevention of scratching or marring surfaces. Powering on is as easy as turning the dial. The Venus Elite exhibits gorgeous styling contrasting a stunning high-tech chrome panel face plate and trim accents against the piano black gloss finish and carry handle.


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