FACESaver UV Mask

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Designed block virtually all UV exposure to the face, this FACESaver cover uses SolarWeave® fabric to protect the face from harmul UV rays. No more reliance on inadequate built-in tanning bed face shields. No more ineffective towels that only block 6-10% of UV rays. This unequaled face saver uses SolarWeave® SPF fabric construction, the same fabric used even by NASA, to block greater than 99.7% of damaging UVA and UVB rays for up to 100 hours of exposure and 40 washings. Tested and certified by the International UV Testing Laboratory, these FAVESavers are the ultimate protection available.

Mask Construction:

  • Extra UV protection through a two-ply construction
  • Mask is secured with Velco® straps (great for stand-up units)
  • Internal Rigilene® boning sets mask slightly away from face to allow better air circulation and easier breathing
  • Rigilene® boning ensures the longevity of mask
  • Decorated in random Hawaiian prints
  • Hand-washable