Fascination FX Spray Tanning Starter Kit

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Fascination FX Spray Tanning Starter Kit

Built around the Fascination FX System, this kit is a perfect fit for either the seasoned professional or those new to sunless spray tanning, combining affordability with professional products.

The Fascination FX Starter Kit includes:

  • Fascination FX HVLP Spray Tanning System
  • FX-Design Spray Gun with Adjustable Spray Patterns and Low Maintenance Nozzle
  • 8 foot flexible hose with quick-connect hose/spray gun connection
  • Large Pop Up "SkyLight" Tent with Carry Bag
  • Your choice of name brand solution product pack
    • Norvell Sunless Pack: 8oz Norvell Venetian Solution, 8oz Norvell ONE Rapid Tan Solution, 8oz Norvell XLATAN™ pH Balancing Spray

    Fascination FX System Features:

    The Fascination FX Series represents a new standard in elegance, beauty and function in a spray tanning system. The FX is a rare combination of beauty on the outside and brawn on the inside.

    Consider the bold contours and color accents that make this machine worthy of a spot in the most upscale salon setting. The elegant handle is organically formed into the body of the machine. The handle inset lies within a sweeping elliptical contour that is the Fascination FX's signature design statement. The elliptical motif appears again in the bold chrome trim surrounding the hose outlet. Chrome accents also trim the control panel. The unit sits gracefully upon four legs that have rubber inserts -- to protect against marring or scratching surfaces the unit rests upon.

    The instrument control panel is utter simplicity with simple one button operation.

    What lies beneath all this beauty -- a powerful turbine motor tuned to deliver reliability and the correct air flow for spray tanning. For quiet operation, the turbine is contained within its own sound dampening enclosure. This enclosure is encased within the outer shell, combining to provide double redundancy sound baffling. Air intake occurs at the rear of the unit -- to minimize intake of spray tanning overspray -- which can accumulate and compromise your motor. The air intake is protected by double redundant washable filters - an outer filter contained in a convenient snap out cover and an inner filter that is exposed once the outer cover is removed.

    Fascination FX Spray Gun Features:

    The FX-Design spray gun is a premium upgrade to this system -- a beautiful and reliable spray instrument. The FX gun features an alloy needle (NOT plastic) with an adjustable air-cap for easily selected round, horizontal or vertical fan patterns.  The gun has a quick-connect fitting, fluid control knob for a fine spray release, and a graduated cup for easy fluid measurement. Notable extra touches include a chrome accented air cap retaining ring and ergonomic handle improvements.

    • A fine .8 mm needle (the optimal size for spray tanning)for fewer clogs, perfect atomization and solution conservation
    • Efficient tanning solution application - generally only need 2 oz or less of solution per client (saves you money!)
    • Adjustable fluid control knob capable of a wide and a fine spray
    • Adjustable spray pattern control - horizontal or vertical fan patterns for rapid, standard tan application and a round spray pattern for contouring/highlighting
    • Low maintenance metal alloy needle with a long service life
    • Color coordinated salon finish that perfectly matches the Fascination FX System
    • Spray Gun Holder for easy transport of the system.

    Popup Skylight Tanning Tent Features:

    Made with a generous size, sturdy frame and strong fabric and available in black, brown or pink, these Pop Up Tanning Tents are the ideal solution for creating a professional work area when space is limited or mobility is a must.

    • With its open clear top and 6-foot door, this tent allows in plenty of light, permitting a more easy view of the color guide.
    • Available in a deep bronze, dark black, or pink. The colors of these tents are visually attractive and perfectly mask solution overspray.
    • This tent is a generous 7 x 4 x 4 foot size, among the largest tents available on the market. A 6' tall person can walk through the door without bending over.
    • Built around a high-gauge, low-memory spring steel frame, this tent is strong but flexible, resists out of shape problems, pops up and folds down easily.
    • The built-in, waterproof floors catch solution overspray, protecting carpet and flooring. Simply wipe down clean after each use.
    • An overspray extraction fan opening or air cleaner opening is provided.
    • This tent comes with an oversized carrying bag with shoulder-length straps for easy portability.