Fuji 2100 miniTAN Spray Tan Deluxe Business Kit

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The Fuji 2100 Mini Tan Deluxe Business Kit features all the essentials for for a professional spray tan service. This comprehensive kit includes the Fuji 2100 Mini HVLP Spray Tan System with its TAN 7350 Applicator, spray tanning tent and the ultimate product offering -- the Norvell Pro Products Kit.

Fuji Spray has been the leading manufacturer of specialized spray tanning HVLP turbine systems for nearly 10 years, producing not only the quietest spray tanning equipment available but also the simplest to operate. The very affordable Mini System is compact, lightweight and half the noise level of a standard turbine making it highly practical for a mobile business.

The Fuji 2100 Mini Spray Tanning Business Kit Includes:

    • Fuji 2100 Mini Spray Tan System
    • Fuji TAN 7350 Bottom Feed Bleeder Valve Style Spray Applicator
    • Fuji Hi-Flex Hose with Quick Connect
    • System Manual
    • Black spray tanning tent

Pro Product Kit
Norvell may change the composition of the Pro Products kit without notice to us due to supply issues. The image shown is representative of the kit but may depict items not currently included. The following list is of products comprises the kit you will receive.

1 - Premium Sunless Solution DARK Gallon 128 oz
1 - NEW! Legend™ PLUS by Rick Norvell Natural Sunless Solution 34 oz
1 - Venetian™ Sunless Solution 34 oz
1 - Premium TRAINING Soluiton DHA Free 34 oz
1 - NEW! Legend™ by Rick Norvell Natural Sunless Solution 8 oz
1 - One Hour Rapid ONE™ Sunless Solution 8 oz
1 - Venetian ONE™ Sunless Solution 8 oz
1 - Pre Sunless XLATAN™ pH Balancing Spray 8 oz
1 - Post Sunless HYDROFIRM™ Moisturizing Spray 8 oz
1 - NEW! Tan•lucent™ Talc Free Drying Powder 5 g
1 - Counteract™ Odor Neutralizer 8 oz
1 - Pre Sunless Body Buff eXmitt® 3 pack
1 - DWTS Dazzle Shimmering Body Mist 4 oz
3 - FDA Recommendation Room Signs
1 - Breathe Through Nose Filters 25 pair
1 - Sunless EyeShields™ 50 pair
1 - Cardboard NeatFeet™ 25 pair
1 - EcoClean™  Multi-Purpose Cleanser 32 oz
1 - HVLP Gun Cleaner 16 oz