Fuji 2100 Mini TAN Spray Tanning Business Kit

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Fuji 2100 Mini TAN Spray Tanning Business Kit

Perfect for a mobile tanning startup, the Fuji 2100 Mini Tanning Business Kit features all the essentials for a spray tan business on the road. This comprehensive kit includes the Fuji 2100 Mini HVLP Spray Tan System with its Fuji TAN 7350 Applicator, spray tanning tent and Norvell tanning solution.

Fuji Spray has been the leading manufacturer of specialized spray tanning HVLP turbine systems for nearly 10 years, producing not only the quietest spray tanning equipment available but also the simplest to operate. The very affordable Mini System is compact, lightweight and half the noise level of a standard turbine making it highly practical for a mobile business.

The Fuji 2100 Mini Spray Tanning Business Kit Includes:

  • Fuji 2100 Mini Spray Tan System
  • Fuji TAN 7350 Bottom Feed Bleeder Valve M-Model Spray Applicator
  • Fuji Hi-Flex Hose with Quick Connect
  • System Manual
  • Norvell Sunless Pack: 8oz Norvell Venetian Solution, 8oz Norvell ONE Rapid Tan Solution, 8oz Norvell XLATAN™ pH Balancing Spray

Fuji 2100 Mini HVLP System Features:

The compact and agile Fuji 2100 HVLP System is perfect for mobile applications at a modest price, powered by a 2-stage motor specifically developed for the tanning industry. Although not as quiet as the patented Fuji Ultra Quiet Salon System, the 2100 is specifically designed for mobility without compromising quality or professional appearance. Paired with the TAN 7350 all-metal, bleed valve professional grade spray gun, this system allows you to apply your solution with total confidence.

  • Features Fuji HVLP Quiet Turbine Technology
  • System is at a set motor speed with no need for turbine or air control valve adjustment
  • Attractive powder-coated, textured black finish easily disguises solution stains
  • Heavy-duty rubber feet to protect floors
  • 10 foot lightweight clear flexible hose with a black helix feature and a plastic bend restriction at the turbine end
  • Hose utilizes a brass quick-connect to the spray gun
  • A bottom-feed bleed valve style trigger spray applicator, considerably reducing overspray and solution waste
  • Blow-dry client option
  • Air flows only when trigger is pressed, reducing any "hissing" noise
  • Spray pattern fan already set to optimal 4-6 inch spraying distance - simply move the gun closer to the client for a smaller size fan
  • Quick manual adjustment for achieving an enhancing round spray pattern as small as 1/8"
  • Stainless steel gun and 8oz stainless steel solution cup with stainless steel fluid passages
  • Built-in easy to use gun holder / filling station
  • Ergonomic insulated handle that never gets hot
  • Includes a user manual, cleaning brush and maintenance wrench

Norvell Sunless Solution

Norvell’s Award Winning Professional Solutions utilise micro-nutrient technology to deliver a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants to boost the skin’s just off the beach™ glow. The formula works with all skin types regardless of color tone, creating a customised shade of bronze for each individual client. Scented formulas are fragranced with allergen-free essence of raspberry and almond extracts.

PopUp Skylight Tanning Tent Features:

Made with a generous size, sturdy frame and strong fabric and available in black, brown, or pink, these Pop Up Tanning Tents are the ideal solution for creating a professional work area when space is limited or mobility is a must.

  • With its open clear top and 6-foot door, this tent allows in plenty of light, permitting a more easy view of the color guide.
  • Available in a deep bronze, dark black, or pink. The colors of these tents are visually attractive and perfectly mask solution overspray.
  • This tent is a generous 7 x 4 x 4 foot size, among the largest tents available on the market. A 6' tall person can walk through the door without bending over.
  • Built around a high-gauge, low-memory spring steel frame, this tent is strong but flexible, resists out of shape problems, pops up and folds down easily.
  • This tent uses sturdy fabric and double stitching for a lower likelihood of stitch separation at stress points.
  • The built-in, waterproof floors catch solution overspray, protecting carpet and flooring. Simply wipe down clean after each use.
  • An overspray extraction fan opening or air cleaner opening is provided.
  • This tent comes with an oversized carrying bag with shoulder-length straps for easy portability.