Iwata NEO-CN 4500 Airbrush

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Iwata NEO-CN 4500 Airbrush


Think you want to give airbrushing a try? Not sure you want to spend much to get started? The NEO is perfect for you. AND youll have a great first experience! Iwata-Medea designed the NEO for the first time user. The NEO is very affordable, sprays great with an inexpensive compressor and is backed by t he leading company in the airbrush market. New to airbrushing? Get the NEO.

Start airbrushing now with the NEO Series for Iwata. It’s easier than ever to start with an economical and reliable airbrush backed by the most trusted name in the industry. The NEO is a versatile airbrushes can be used with a variety of different paints and mediums. Plus, the NEO Series proves easy to use and clean.

The NEO Series for Iwata was designed to perform well at lower pressures when used with smaller air compressors. Iwata backs the NEO Series airbrushes with an unprecedented five-year warranty.

Class: Double Action, Gravity Feed
Needle / Nozzle Size: 0.35mm
Cup Size: 1/4oz & 1/10oz interchangable

  • Features a .35-mm needle and nozzle combination for high-performance, general-purpose, high-paint-flow spraying and wider spray patterns.
  • Includes interchangeable large (1/4 oz) and medium (1/10 oz) cups designed with a funnel shape, which makes for easy clean-up and more efficient paint flow.
  • Internal PTFE needle packing for use with solvent-based paints.
Technical Details:
  • Class: Dual-Action, Gravity Feed
  • Needle/Nozzle Size: .35 mm
  • Cup Size: 1/3 oz & 1/16 oz interchangable
5 year Manufacturer Warranty