Naked Sun Onyx Spray Tanning Machine with Honey Glow Tanning Solution and Tech Bag

Naked Sun

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undle Includes:

  • 1 - Naked Sun Onyx Spray Tanning Machine
  • 1- 8oz Honey Glow Dark Tanning Solution
  • 1- 8oz Honey Glow Violet Tanning Solution
  • 1- 8oz Honey Glow Rapid Tanning Solution
  • 1 - Tech Duffel Bag

The Onyx is an affordable ultra-quiet tanning machine. The average spray tan machine is between 70-90 decibels of sound intensity -- as loud a vacuum. Honeycomb sound insulation technology has the Onyx at a mere 53 decibels which is as quiet as the hum of a refrigerator.

The energy efficient motor has its own enclosure for an added layer of sound control.

The spray gun has all the features you would expect. It can do vertical, horizontal or round fan patterns. It has a stainless-steel needle and nozzle for added durability and resistance to corrosion. The .5 mm ultra-fine opening allows for perfect spray atomization. The spray cup is 170 ml (5.7 oz). A spare cup with lid is provided.

With contrasting black with bronze metallic finishes, the Onyx exudes the essence of luxury. The machine features an easy slide-in spray gun holder. Operation is simple with one back lit push button. A built in, molded handle makes transporting the system a snap. A recessed wrap built into the base allows neat power cord management. The machine has a removable, washable air filter.

Honey Glow solutions are a nourishing blend of ingredients formulated to give you a flawless glow while hydrating and protecting your skin. Honey Glow Dark for those seeking a exotic tan, Honey Glow Rapid for a custom color in as little as one hour, and Honey Glow Violet for warm undertones. Infused with aloe, vitamin c, vitamin e and cranberry, your skin will feel silky smooth while the caramel tones will leave your body sun-kissed and glowing with confidence.

Bonus Technician Duffel Bag features a light-weight durable design perfect for storing your machine & supplies. 19in L x 11in H x 10in W

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