Onyx Spray Tan Machine with Professional Tanning Gun - Open Box

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Onyx Spray Tan Machine with Professional Tanning Gun - Open Box

Onyx, just released in July 2020, is the spray tan machine for the next decade.This is an open box item that carries a full 1 year warranty. Onyx has it all. Salon quiet, powerful, award winning designer looks, the Onyx has a spray gun with unmatched ergonomics, unmatched ultra-fine mist, and unmatched light weight handling. You will not want to put it down.

The Onyx motor is powerful and enclosed for an added layer of sound control. Critically, it is optimized for the correct air flow. Too much air flow makes for over-spray. Too little produces coarse droplets. The Onyx brings together perfectly matched components for the ultimate, soft golden mist.

The spray gun has all the features you would expect. It can do vertical or horizontal fan patterns and a round pattern. Rather than brass or plastic, it has a stainless-steel needle and nozzle for added durability and resistance to corrosion. The .5 mm ultra-fine opening imparts ideal spray atomization. The spray cup is 170 ml (5.7 oz). A spare cup with lid is provided.

Few spray tan guns on the market accommodate smaller hands. The Onyx gun has a beautiful, contoured, unique adaptive design that conforms to your hand size – small or large.

The Onyx case is an artful design that targets dedicated or mobile machine use. A striking pearl white and ebony color scheme with chrome appointments makes a bold design statement.

The case has a unique slide-in spray gun holder. Note that the spray gun is also self-standing giving you added work-flow flexibility. Operation is simple -- one elegant back lit push button. A built in, molded handle makes transporting the system a snap. A recessed wrap built into the base allows neat power cord management. The case has a removable, washable air filter. Four feet provide for a stable base that will not scuff surfaces.