Sjolie Deluxe Professional Spray Tanning Kit

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Sjolie Deluxe Professional Spray Tanning Kit
    Kit Contains:
  • Fascination FX Spray Tanning Machine
  • Sjolie Spray Tan Solution No 9 - Medium Blend - 4 oz
  • Sjolie Spray Tan Solution No 12 - Dark Blend - 4 oz
  • Sjolie Ultra One – Rapid Spray Tan Solution - 4 oz
  • Sjolie ICON Reserve: Tier One Spray Tan Solution (Fast Dry) - 4 oz
  • Sjolie ICON Reserve: Tier Two Spray Tan Solution (Fast Dry) - 4 oz
  • Sjolie Barrier Cream - 16 oz
  • Sjolie pH Balancer - 8oz
  • Sjolie Gun Cleaner - 16oz
  • Disposable Hair Caps - 50 Pack
  • Disposable Stick On Feet Pad Spa Soles Tanning Sandals - 25 Pair in Pink & 25 Pair in Grey

The Fascination FX Spray Tan Series represents a new standard in elegance, beauty and function in a spray tanning machine system.

The Fascination FX has beautiful styling, featuring bold contours and silver trim accents. The ergonomic handle is organically formed into the unit. A compact, lightweight design makes it perfect for mobile tanners, but the unit's design fits in an upscale salon setting too. The turbine has an elegantly simple one button control.

Beneath the stunning design is a powerful hvlp turbine motor tuned to deliver reliability and the correct air flow for spray tanning. For quiet operation, the turbine is contained within its own sound dampening enclosure within the outer shell, providing a dual layer of sound baffling for extra quiet operation. Air intake occurs at the rear of the unit -- to minimize intake of spray tanning overspray. Air intake passes through dual filters. The filters are washable and are accessed by a convenient snap out cover.

The color coordinated FX-Design spray tan gun features a metal alloy needle (NOT plastic) with an adjustable air-cap for easy selection of round, horizontal or vertical fan spray patterns. The gun has a quick-connect fitting, fluid control knob for accurate spray adjustment, and a graduated cup for easy fluid measurement. The spray gun is optimized for excellent spray atomization and efficient solution usage. It stores securely in the spray unit cupholder and has an ergonomic handle.