TEMPTU Dura Total Skin Airbrush Makeup Starter Set

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TEMPTU Dura Total Skin Airbrush Makeup Starter Set

The Temptu Dura Total Skin Starter set includes all the colors in the S/B foundation starter set in the Dura formulation! You get a complete range of shades encompassing light, medium,and dark skin tones. These colors are in compact quarter ounce sized bottles that are easily refillable and small enough to fit into any size body paint / temporary tattoo kit.

Colors Included: Porcelain, Blush Ivory, Ivory, Sand, Pure Beige, Toffee, Golden Honey, Clay, Natural Mocha, Cappuccino, Dark Cocoa, Espresso

About Temptu Dura: Temptu's world famous Dura formula is a versatile, alcohol-based product for use with airbrush, paintbrush or sponge. Highly pigmented and long-lasting, the Dura formula has been an industry favorite for body art, skin, prosthetics, tattoo coloring, and special effects for over 25 years. Perfect for long wear and coverage, even under hot studio lights,the Temptu Dura formula is responsible for the stunning full-body look of Mystique in the X-Men films, and for on-air talent at NBC and Fox.


  • The Temptu Dura family now offers six terrific color categories:
  • Original is the classic body art line of primary and secondary colors and green- and blue-blacks.
  • Shimmers have micro glitters added for a luminescent look.
  • Body Foundations are a new line of twelve skin tones that match Temptu's S/B foundations.
  • Specialty is Temptu's FX color line.
  • Dura Platinum is Temptu's latest line that has an extended lifespan that lasts up to ten days.

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