TEMPTU SP-35 Airbrush

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TEMPTU SP-35 Airbrush

The SP-35 Gun is equipped with dual action technology that allows you control the makeup and air flow simultaneously, using the push-and-pull trigger that separates the activation for air and makeup. Both air and makeup meet together when the trigger is engaged, allowing for a more precise application. This more advanced airbrush allows the user to control air and makeup flow. Its needle/nozzle size 0.35mm, making is best suited for both detailed body work, and an overall body and beauty applications.

Class: Double Action, Gravity Feed
Needle / Nozzle Size: 0.35mm
Compatibility: TEMPTU S-One Compressor, TEMPTU AIRpro Compressor

Technical Data:
  • Class: Dual-Action, Top Feed
  • Needle/Nozzle Size: .35 mm
1 year / 12 month Manufacturer Warranty