TEMPTU SP-40 Airbrush

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TEMPTU SP-40 Airbrush

The TEMPTU SP-40 Gun has a single action trigger that allows for a continuous flow of air. The makeup is released and met with the air flow when the trigger is engaged. This gun is ideal for people who are new to airbrush, or want a quick yet precise application. This gun was designed to work on the entire range of TEMPTU air compressors, making it both versatile and user friendly. Its needle/Nozzle size is 0.4mm, with a slightly larger span of product atomization.

Class: Dual Action, Gravity Feed
Needle / Nozzle Size: 0.4mm
Compatibility: All TEMPTU compressors, any makeup compressor with 1/8" fitting

Technical Details:
  • Class: Single-Action, Top Feed
  • Needle/Nozzle Size: .4 mm
1 year / 12 month Manufacturer Warranty