Vani-T Fusion Express Spray Tanning Solution, 100 ml

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Vani-T Fusion Express Spray Tanning Solution, 100 ml

Fusion combines skin fusion technology with nutrient-rich indigenous Australian botanicals to give you an exotic Mediterranean-looking faux tan with a true Australian twist. Containing Australian Kakadu Plum Extract (offering 50 times the Vitamin C), it offers intense anti-oxidant, anti-aging and collagen building properties. A natural and organic based formula that contains no parabens, mineral oils, artificial fragrance, glycols, sulphates, petrochemical DHA, or TEA.

Size: 100 ml (approx. 1 full body tans)
Development Time: 1 hours
Average Tan Length: 5+ days
Tanning Level/DHA: Customizable 10%

Directions: Exfoliate thoroughly 24 hours before application for best tanning results. Apply in even, light strokes for uniform coverage and discard any unused solution from your completed session. Do not oversaturate skin. Avoid water contact and perspiration until development time has passed. Shower after 1 hour for a natural tan. Leave on longer for a darker result. Warm water rinse only.

Spray Directions: Depending on equipment and body size, approximately 2oz of spray solution is needed for the average full-body application. Do not over-saturate skin. After session is complete, discard any unused solution from cup. Best sprayed at room temperature.

Storage: Store below 77° F in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and air exposure. Refrigerate after opening.

*always consult directions on bottle before using