Vani-T Velocity Rapid Tanning Mousse


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Summer vacay-worthy tan in a bottle Its summer all-year round thanks to the award-winning Velocity Express Self Tan Mousse. Up your fake tan game with this lightweight formulation made with our signature blend of quad bronzing technology (DHA, Erythrulose, Black Walnut Extract and cosmetic bronzers), and a trans dermal delivery system that goes deep into the skin for a long lasting, natural looking faux glow. This self tan mousse is no one-trick pony. It performs double duty while it nourishes with the goodness of skin-loving Quandong, Kakadu Plum and Vitamins A, C and E. And the best part? It leaves behind a flawless, bangin tan and nothing else - no patches, streaks, orange tones, or odour. Its even white sheet proof. No such thing as too much tan? Were feeling you, glow-getter. Wait one hour for that just off the beach bronze, and up to 8 hours for a pass me my poolside cocktail over here in my Bali villa vibe. And if youre a long-term commitment kinda gal like us, youll love knowing that your best fake tan ever will last you up to 10 days, no matter the shade you choose. With salon performance in every bottle, its so good youll trick them into thinking its real. Natural, cruelty free, vegan, and gets to work instantly. Skin type Anyone who needs a bit of colour in their life Smell Nope (well, except for that potent aromatherapy blend weve packed in) How often Whenever youve got those washed-out feels How long 1 hr (light), 2-4 hrs (medium), 4-6 hrs (dark), 8 hrs (ultra dark) DHA% 13.5% (it means weve packed in the active ingredient that gives you the sun-kissed glow) Base colour Chocolate (suits all skin tones without a trace of orange)

How to use:

Step 1: its all about the prep

Get exfoliating. Fake tan loves to cling to dead skin (think: elbows, wrists, ankles, and knees)

Step 2: get your hydration on

Now that youve got a clean slate, its time to get moisturising.

Step 3: get your mitts on

Shake the bottle. Grab your VANI-T Bronzing Mitt & start applying your self-tanning mousse. Its all about technique work into your skin using gentle circular movements.

Step 4: shower, glow and go

Once your time is up, hop in the shower, rinse off & pat dry.

Pro tip: When your tan has seen better days, kiss it goodbye in 5 minutes with the Tan Eraser - Tan Removal Mousse.