Venus Ultra Spray Tanning Machine Kit with Focus Airbrush Tanning Solution

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Venus Ultra Spray Tanning Machine Kit with Focus Airbrush Tanning Solution

The Venus Ultra Spray Tanning System is a step up from the Venus Elite System -- accomplished by upgrading the spray gun to the FX UltraMyst heavy duty, metal construction spray gun. The FX UltraMyst gun is quite simply the finest spray tanning instrument on the market.

The Kit Includes:
8 oz - Focus Luminance Spray Tanning Solution.
8 oz - Focus Radiance Ultra Dark Spray Tanning Solution
8 oz - Focus Vibrance Rapid Develop Spray Tan Solution
Black Venus Ultra - THe High Efficiency Spray Tanning System
FX 901 Heavy Duty, Metal Construction Professional Spray Gun
Flexible 10 foot hose

Venus Ultra - The High Efficiency Spray Tanning Machine

The Venus Ultra Spray Tanning System consists of an integrated control, variable-speed HVLP Turbine with quick connect hose and the FX UltraMyst Spray Gun with heavy duty, metal construction for long life and precise application. For client comfort the unit has a built-in auxiliary heat function to warm the air supply.

The Venus Ultra Spray Tan System is available in a sophisticated, piano black finish. The Venus Ultra has gorgeous styling, from the stunning hi-tech chrome control panel face plate to the gloss finish and contrasting chrome trim accents and carry handle. The unit has two cup recesses built in -- to hold your spray gun when not in use. The unit has a removable, washable air filter to ensure clean air intake free of tanning mist that could accumulate and clog your system. Rubber feet allows the unit to sit securely while preventing scratching or marring of surfaces.

The Venus Ultra couldn't be easier to use. Push a button on the lighted control panel for on/off. Push the "+" button for higher speed. Push the "-" button to go slower. Auxiliary heat is automatic.