Sunless Tanning Booth Assembly Instructions

Setting up your airbrush tanning booth

This page contains the directions for setting up your spray tanning booth. Please take the time to view the video instructions before you attempt to assemble your booth. If you're still having issues, you can contact Customer Service and we'll be happy to help.

Closing Instructions

  1. Positioning: Place base unit where needed, remove champagne screws.
  2. Stacking Units: Position top unit, lining up holes on bottom of top unit with black thumbscrews on topside of base unit. Fasten units together by latching sides and back.
  3. Bottom Panels: Align tabs on (squared) bottom panel into hinges on base unit. Repeat for other side. Remove small screws from top of panels and rotate fastener towards the floor. Loosely screw in champagne screws.
  4. Top Panels: Align tabs of (curved) top panel with hinges on top unit and bottom panel. Replace small panel thumbscrews and tighten top panel to bottom panel. Repeat with other side. Loosely screw in champagne unit screws.
  5. Securing Booth Sections: Tighten all champagne unit screws. Move mat into place.
  6. Power Assembly: Plug in power cord connecting top and base unit. Plug in pedal to base unit. Plug in electric cord to outlet.

When the red light glows ON, your tanning booth system is ready!

Replacing the Filter

Replacing the Filter: Unscrew side black unit screws and pull open the unit. Wash filter, let dry for 24 hours and replace, charcoal side facing into unit. Replace and tighten black unit side screws.