Spray Tan Solution Buyers Guide


Norvell Spray Tan Solution

Norvell is a name synonymous with innovation, flawless color and premium performance. Providing natural colors for any skin type, Norvell's natural actives sunless complex is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients combined together to optimise, build, and extend sunless tanning results like never before. Their advanced fast-drying, non-sticky, streak-free formulas go beyond simple tanning and use highly concentrated antioxidant blends to combat the daily signs of skin damage. Incorporating only the healthiest and greenest ingredients available, Norvell gives you 5-7 days of gorgeous "just off the beach" color.

  • "just off the beach" tan
  • fast drying, non-sticky, streak free formula
  • natural actives sunless complex
  • natural results for any skin type


Naked Sun Honey Glow Solutions

Naked Sun solutions have been formulated to contain a nourishing blend of ingredients that give you a flawless spray tan while hydrating and protecting your skin. Infused with aloe, vitamin c, vitamin e and cranberry, your skin will feel silky smooth while the caramel tones will leave your body sun-kissed and glowing with confidence.

  • Paraben Free, Gluten Free, 100% Vegan, Nut Allergen Free
  • Streak-free, flawess honeyed glow
  • long lasting professional results; tan last 5-7 days.


St. Tropez Spray Tan Solution

The go-to product used backstage and behind the scenes for many models and red carpet regulars, St. Tropez is the most talked about brand in tanning. The perfect choice for every skin tone, the ultimate tanning treatment is a must for those seeking the ultimate streak-free finish and a range of award-winning retail products. Discover what St. Tropez means to you.

  • the ultimate flawless tan
  • full wardrobe of choice formulas
  • naturally derived ingredients
  • the most talked about brand in tanning


Nuda Spray Tan Solution

All Nuda solutions are made exclusively from natural ingredients or ingredients of natural origin. Nuda takes this commitment to heart while enriching our products with skin-friendly ingredients. Why would you want to apply something to your skin that is not healthy; even less on the skin of your customers, right? The NUDA collection contains vitamins A, B, C, D and E, aloe, coconut oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil, elderflower and green tea and white tea extract. All this creates a unique formula that prevents the signs of aging, provides complete hydration, stimulates circulation, protects the skin from free radicals and much more.


Vani-T Spray Tan Solution

Loved and requested by A-list celebrities, Vani-T provides the most believable, flawless, long-lasting tan imaginable. With 3 totally unique, natural and organic based cosmeceutical formulas, Liquid Sun Medium, Dark and Ultra Dark, be assured your Vani-T tan will provide a long-lasting authentic cocoa brown color that will fade evenly. Vani-t utilizes the world's finest quality natural and organic ingredients ensuring a premium sunless experience.

  • the celebrities' choice
  • innovative, 100% natural formula
  • natural & organic ingredients
  • eco-glamour brand mentality


Aviva Labs Spray Tan Solution

Aviva Labs is a trusted name known for their commitment to excellent sunless tanning products rooted in science and pushing the boundaries of spray tanning innovation. Doctor formulated with only DHA-approved ingredients, including the highest-quality premium grade DHA, Aviva gives you a peace of mind that comes with knowing you're using the healthiest solution on the market without compromising a great end result. Feel comfortable in your healthy, natural Aviva tan.

  • the healthy, natural tan
  • doctor developed formula
  • all natural, fda approved ingredients
  • formulated with long term health in mind