Aviva Inspires Gimme Brown 16% Spray Tan Solution Liter

Aviva Labs

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Eco-Cert Certified DHA, Hypoallergenic, Oil-Free, Alcohol-Free, Fragrance-Free Formula

Aviva Inspires Gimme Brown!™ Sunless Collection is a warm skin tone sunless tanning solution that delivers an even, more natural golden brown tan for those with warmer skin tones that have an olive or a true brown undertone to their skin. Available in 8%, 10%, 12%,14% and 16% DHA formulas to provide optimal tanning for each skin type. Aviva Inspires Gimme Brown!™ has the highest quality, premium grade DHA, is hypoallergenic, oil-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free.

Size: 1 ltr / 33.8 fl oz (approx. 15-16 full body tans)
Development Time:
8+ hours
Average Tan Length: 5+ days
Tanning Level: For dark or very dark skin types

Directions: Exfoliate thoroughly 24 hours before application for best tanning results. Apply in even, light strokes for uniform coverage and discard any unused solution from your completed session. Do not oversaturate skin. Avoid water contact and perspiration until development time has passed. After 8-12 hours, rinse off in a warm shower. Use a tan extender daily to prolong the life of the tan.

Spray Directions: Depending on equipment and body size, approximately 2oz of spray solution is needed for the average full-body application. Do not over-saturate skin. After session is complete, discard any unused solution from cup. Best sprayed at room temperature.

Storage: Store below 70° F in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and air exposure. Refrigerate after opening.

*always consult directions on bottle before using