EcoCert Clarification

On 07/07/2014 EcoCert, a European body that certifies products to its "EcoCert Natural and Organic Cosmetic Standard" issued a clarification asserting that it does not certify "organic DHA". Specifically, they objected to the use of terms such as “Eco Certified (Eco-Cert) organic DHA”, “Organic EcoCert-certified DHA”, etc.

EcoCert does validate DHA from certain suppliers for use in formulating products which may ultimately be certified in accordance with the EcoCert Natural and Organic Cosmetic Standard.

In general, The Tanning Store supplies a number of brands from different manufacturers and is not in a position to verify individual product claims. Typically we use manufacturer descriptions and claims as is, and leave the responsibility for the veracity of those claims with the manufacturers.

It may seem a bit of doublespeak for the " EcoCert Natural and Organic Cosmetic Standard " to distance itself from an approved ingredient that can be used to make a product that would be certified under that same standard. But bear in mind that such standards have a very specific meaning whereas the word "organic" in general usage may imply a broader meaning to the consumer.

There are at least a dozen "organic" standards with considerably varying degrees of rigidity. EcoCert was one of the first such efforts. An organic standard must address every step in the creation of a product from how it was grown, handled, processed and manufactured. As such they become quite complex.

There are a number of tanning solutions that claim a number of natural or organic ingredients. But, we know of no instance where the product as a whole has been submitted for organic certification under any standard. Lacking certification, the value of these claims to you rests with your trust in the particular brand.