K901 UltraMyst Spray Tan Gun

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K901 UltraMyst Spray Tan Gun

The K901 UltraMyst Sunless Spray Gun is our top of the line spray tanning instrument. It is designed for low, care-free maintenance, superb performance, and extraordinary accuracy. The rugged yet beautiful construction with all metal body and polished chrome look. Best spray gun in the tanning industry. Provides for accurate fan spray pattern that allows layered, maximum coverage and excellent DHA solution adhesion.

Comes with a 250 ml (8 oz) tanning solution cup - enough for multiple spray sessions. Precision engineered stainless steel nozzle provides unsurpassed atomization with minimal overspray.

Cup Size: 8oz
Compatibility: Works with any quick-connect hose / system.

Can be used as an upgrade to any standard quick connect tanning systems.

K901 Manual