Popup Tanning Tent Instructions & Video

Opening and closing your airbrush tanning room

This page contains the directions for opening and closing your Tiki Tent tanning room. Please take the time to view the video (if possible) and read all these instructions before you use your tent, we have included pictures with the text instructions for those who wish to print these out. Of course, if you're still having issues, you can contact Customer Service and we'll be happy to help.

Opening Instructions

Important: When removing the Pop Up Tanning Room from the bag it will spring open. Please allow 6' clearance around bag when opening!

  1. Unzip the carrying bag and remove. It will "POP" out of the bag as two double panels that are together and flat.
  2. Pull the panels apart (top and bottom) so that now you have three walls and an opening for entrance. Wipe down inside of pop-up room with a wet cloth and water after each use!

Important Note: Your Instant Pop Up Tanning Room features a zippered door at floor level in the rear to place an extraction fan. Do not attempt to unzip this in the "open" position. Open and close this door with the room in the folded position.

Closing Instructions

  1. Collapse room by bringing opposite comers of the room together to form a double flat panel. Fold the double panels in half to form a single flat panel.
  2. Place the "Top" of the room against a wall, corner or anything that is stationary.
  3. Grab the bottom of the room on each comer with both hands and walk/push against the wall to form a "U" like you are trying to fold the room in half. As you do this the "bottom" will curve in also forming a "U" shape.
  4. Bring your right hand inside towards the left side slightly rotating your right hand inwards and the unit will start to form a circle within the left side. Push down towards the floor and the room will collapse into the original circle.
  5. When this is done correctly, the room will collapse easily and fold to the proper size to fit into the carrying bag.

Popup Tent Instructions Printout