How to Become the Glowing Bride with a Great Tan

Posted by Staff on Jun 23rd 2015

Your wedding day: It will positively be the happiest day of your life. It will also be the day that you not only say “I do” to your partner, but also “I will” love you each and every day of your life, laugh with you, support you and take care of you. Your wedding day will be one that you will smile through, hug through, celebrate through and shine through. After all, the bride is the ultimate centerpiece of a wedding, so you want to be certain that you go into those magical moments not only shining from top to bottom but glowing with a perfect tan.

While a dark and even orange-y tan is completely out of style, many brides still want to give their skin a nice warm glow for their special day. Luckily, there are many safe, affordable and quick options to ensure that the bride-to-be achieves a warm, even and smooth skin tone. The most effective way to execute this is by utilizing sunless tanning products, namely applying a spray on tan.

Before we proceed with some helpful tips on skin care before the big day, it must be noted that it would be wise to utilize the help of a knowledgeable and experienced technician in the presence of a spray tan machine. Some aspiring tanners believe that they can effectively apply their own spray on tan completely independently, only to come out of said machine with streaky skin and a major frown on their face. So, word to the wise: Ask for help! The technicians are trained and at your disposal for a reason. And yes, this applies whether you are at the salon or in the comfort of your own home!

Now, even before you step foot into the salon with the hopes of walking away with a beautiful bridal glow, keep these little words of wisdom in mind:

1. A few months before you walk down the aisle, try to exfoliate your entire body 2-3 times per week. Aim to use an exfoliant that is oil-based, as it will competently help remove your dead skin cells. It is important to rid of these, as it will help set the stage for a very natural looking and evenly warm skin tone on the big day.

2. In addition to exfoliating, moisturizing your precious skin is of equal importance if a beautiful wedded glow is on your radar. Achieve skin that screams “hydration” by applying alcohol free lotion every single day post shower.

3. However, on the day that you are scheduled for your spray on tan, skip the lotions, deodorant, makeup and any other chemicals that could possibly prevent the sunless tanning products from completely soaking in.

4. Whether you’ll be using a spray tan machine at home or in a professional salon, it is imperative that you do a test run at least 14 days before you plan on slipping on that bridal gown. Some future wives like to do so for their bachelorette party or prior to their bridal shower, and this is wise since it may take once or even multiple attempts to find the ideal spray tan solutions, applications and techniques that best fit the skin you’re in.

For more information on how you can achieve the bridal glow you’ve always dreamed of, contact the specialists at The Tanning Store. We offer an extensive menu of high-end, innovative and eco-friendly products that brides around the world have used and enjoyed for years. Feel free to browse our menu on our website, or speak with us directly by dialing 540-265-9035. On behalf of our tanning team, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials and may the best be yet to come.