How to Properly Store Your Sunless Tanning Products

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Posted by Staff on Jun 16th 2015

How to Properly Store Your Sunless Tanning Products

Whether you are a salon owner or the end user of tanning supplies, you know just how much you value your sunless tanning products and equipment. After all, the highest quality items do come at a pretty pricey penny, so the last thing you want to do is jeopardize their effectiveness and even their ability to be used. You might as well take your hard earned cash and throw it in the toilet if the idea of ruining your tanning lotion doesn’t bother you.

For the vast majority of us, we would be beyond bothered, so heed these storage and maintenance tips proudly provided to you by The Tanning Store in order to get the longest run out of your tanning arsenal.

1) Never Leave Your Tanning Products in the Car – While this applies to all of your tanning supplies, (like your airbrush tanning equipment), it is absolutely crucial that you do not leave your tanning lotion inside your vehicle. We know that it feels convenient to leave your lotions in the car so they’re always on hand, but you will absolutely ruin the product if you do so. This is because the ingredients in the lotion are specifically designed to respond and react to heat, so if the product heats up in the car rather than on your skin, it will rapidly activate the chemicals and then greatly diminish the quality and effectiveness of the lotion. Put simply, don’t do it!

2) Store Your Stuff at Room Temperature – From lotions to airbrush tanning supplies to your spray tan machine, it is important to store them all indoors and at room temperature (65-70 degrees). Keeping all of your tanning products out of direct sunlight will also help increase the longevity of your gear as well as their overall value. Many lotions will even far outlast the expiration date printed on their bottle when stored in a cool and dim location. That alone is a pretty enticing incentive to follow suit.

3) Check your Machines’ User Manuals – Each machine varies in regards to how to properly care and maintain them. The Tanning Store’s spray tan machines are all very easy to clean (and many even have removable parts and filters), but read over their respective manuals to ensure that you are effectively storing and maintaining them.

4) Sanitation is Key – One of the most essential facets of properly storing your sunless tanning products is cleanliness. Whether you use these products at home or in a tanning salon, it is crucial that you apply pure counter sprays to the entire machine. By doing so, you will be removing the residual tanning products, dirt and bacteria that inevitably build up in time. However, be sure to avoid using harsh chemicals and cleaners, as these can cause unwanted damage to your equipment and products. Instead, use gentle and even eco-friendly cleaners that you would use in your own home.

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