FX-Design 2.0 HVLP Spray Tan Gun

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The FX-Design 2.0 Spray Tan Gun: Sprays like a dream. Designed for a woman’s touch.

Most spray tan technicians are women. The FX-Design Gun is the only spray tan gun designed to fit a woman’s smaller hands. Its an ergonomic marvel. And yes, men will love it too!

The contoured handle is substantial where it meets the palm of the hand, but tapered where it meets the pinkie finger. The handle is narrower at the top too, allowing the thumb and trigger fingers to easily reach the trigger.

Trigger fingers? Yes, the longer trigger allows the pointer and middle fingers to rest comfortably on the trigger and to join forces in its operation, minimizing the fatigue of trigger operation.

The range of the trigger pull can be adjusted with an adjustable trigger stop, allowing you to pick the ideal trigger spray setting.

The FX Design Gun delivers a precise, fine mist unheard of and unseen in tanning guns in this price range. A fine stainless steel needle/nozzle and just the right airflow produce high end results at an affordable price.

FX-Design 2.0 HVLP Spray Gun Features:

  • Elegant black gloss gun with chrome appointments give this gun a designer flair.
  • An extra fine needle (5.0 mm) for perfect atomization (fine spray) and solution conservation
  • Efficient tanning solution application - generally need 1.7 to 2 oz or less of solution per client 
  • Adjustable fluid control knob to set precise trigger position for best, repeatable atomization
  • Adjustable spray pattern control - horizontal or vertical fan patterns for rapid, standard tan application and a round spray pattern for contouring/highlighting
  • Low maintenance stainless steel needle / nozzle with a long service life
  • Ergonomically designed for easy operation, especially for smaller hands
  • Self Standing cup and handle design so the gun can be placed on any flat surface wthout tipping over.

Cup Size: 200ml
Graduations: 50 ml (1.7 oz), 100 ml (3.38 oz), 150 ml (5 oz)
Recommended Amount: 50 - 60 ml (1.7 to 2 oz) for 1 Tan
 Any system with Universal Quick Connect hose. This includes: Fascination Tanning Systems, Venus Tanning Systems.