Large Spray Tan Tech Duffel Bag

Naked Sun

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The pro spray tan tech duffel bag is perfect for an on the go mobile spray tan set up. This bag can accommodate an Fascination or Onyx spray tan machine plus an array of solutions, tech supplies and back bar products.

The interior has a large mesh pocket running along the back of the bag, and two mesh pockets running along the front of the bag. Each side of the bag is equipped with two small mesh pockets. On the front of the bag is a large zippered pocket for extra storage.

Two straps allow hand carry of the bag. A longer strap with pad allows comfortable shoulder carry of the bag.


Two insertable panels come with the bag. If you want a more rigid structure to the bag, insert them in the slits on each end of the interior. If you prefer a more flexible structure, set the panels aside.

To use the shoulder strap, slide the buckle to adjust the length of the strap to the desired length. If there is a twist in the strap, an end fastener may have gotten rotated on the strap. If so, squeeze the strap and rotate the fastener until the squeeze hook is on the other side of the strap.

To install the shoulder pad on the shoulder strap, simply feed the strap through the slot on the shoulder pad.

Tech Bag Dimensions: 19in L x 11in H x 10in W