Naked Sun Spray Tan Blending Cream and Barrier Lotion

Naked Sun

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Blending Cream can be used as a preventative measure to minimize or block DHA absorption. Helps prevent over-developing on the hands, feet, elbows and other dry, callused areas. Naked Sun Blending Cream is a high-quality moisturizer that allows for a perfect color blend around areas that have a tendency to over-tan.

  • Prevents DHA Over Absorption in unwanted areas of the body.
  • Smooth Color Transitions are easily achieved around areas which tend to over-develop.
  • Moisterizing Formula replenishes the skins natural moisturization factor.

Made in the USA

Size: 8 fl oz
Fragrance: Honey Almond

Directions: Prior to sunless tanning application apply and blend in a light layer of blending cream to problem areas such as the knees, elbows and knucles. This will prevent DHA from over-absorpting in areas of dry skin.

Apply liberally to the palms of hands, and soles of the feet. This will block DHA from absorbing in those areas. Wipe away after sunless application.