Naked Sun Honey Glow Spray Tanning Solution Trio

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Naked Sun Honey Glow Spray Tanning Solution Trio

The Honey Glow Trio consists of three luxe spray tanning solutions, 8oz each: Dark for a deep bronze glow, Violet for a luxurious off the beach tan with warm undertones, and Rapid for a fast, completely customizable island tan you choose.

Each Honey Glow luxe tanning solution is a nourishing blend of ingredients giving you a flawless glow while hydrating and protecting your skin. Infused with aloe, vitamin c, vitamin e and cranberry, your skin will feel silky smooth while the caramel tones will leave your body sun-kissed and glowing with confidence. Honey Glow is fragranced with a refreshing raspberry almond scent.

Honey Glow Dark: Reap all the benefits of a relaxing tropical vacation without all the harsh UV rays. Pamper your skin and achieve that exotic dark tan you’ve been craving.

Honey Glow Violet: works well with all skin types but achieves superior results with warm undertones.

Honey Glow Rapid: Take a quick trip to the islands and give you and your skin a break well deserved. Rapid is a nourishing blend of ingredients that hydrates, protects and gives you results in as little as an hour. You can customize your tan by waiting just 1 hour for a light natural glow, 2 hours for a medium golden color, and 3 or more hours for a dark bronze tan.

Key Honey Glow ingredients:

  • +aloe: moisturize and soothe skin
  • +vitamin c: promotes collagen production which is essential for firm, youthful skin
  • +vitamin e: nourish and protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals.
  • +cranberry: antioxidants help give you glowing supple skin and fight free radicals that are responsible for dull, dry skin
  • +caramel: flawless, honeyed color