Naked Sun Ion Spray Tan Machine with Honey Glow Sunless Solution and Black Tent

Naked Sun

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    This Kit includes:
  • 1 - Naked Sun Ion Handheld Spray Tanning Machine
  • 1- 8oz Honey Glow Dark Tanning Solution
  • 1- 8oz Honey Glow Violet Tanning Solution
  • 1- 8oz Honey Glow Rapid Tanning Solution
  • 1 - Large Black Tanning Tent with Carry Bag

Until Now. There was no powerful, high performance, luxury hand held spray tan machine.

Until Now. No hand-held spray tan machine could deliver maximum airflow and minimum weight, while maintaining a whisper quiet sonic profile.

Until Now. No hand held could deliver micro-atomization, drip free operation, and a flawless spray pattern indistinguishable from the best full-size professional equipment.

The Ion by Naked Sun is a visionary instrument that marks a new era in portable spray tanning. The Ion is powered by an ultra-efficient Vortex engine -- a high velocity electric motor with the latest digitized computer control technology. There are no mechanical brushes to wear out or create carbon dust, just rapid-fire electronic pulses dictating ultra-precise engine control and speed.

Designed to a Higher Standard. The Ion is designed to compete with full size professional units in reliability, application speed and accuracy. The Ion is Lighter and Quieter than any system on the market and has no cumbersome hose. This unleashes your artistic freedom, control and creativity.

The heart of the Ion is a next generation digital Vortex DC motor running at high RPM -- only possible under precise microprocessor chip control. The result is a compact, incredibly light form factor and an unprecedented high Power to Weight ratio.

The Ion Vortex engine is a 24 volt DC motor with high efficiency. The power cord features an adapter that steps the 120 volt AC wall current down to 24 volts DC.

Professional Results. The Interchangeable spray head is made to an exacting professional standard with all the features you would demand. A fine, stainless steel needle and nozzle is employed for precise atomization, durability, and resistance to corrosive influences. Both horizontal and vertical fan spray patterns are available for maximum coverage in a short application time. No! You won’t find cheap plastic needles and nozzles used here. Yes! This spray mechanism will deliver results comparable to professional floor standing units, but with unprecedented freedom and flexibility.

Revolutionary. Simply put, the Ion gives big spray tan machine results in package the size of a hair dryer. The Ion is a take anywhere, anytime professional sunless tan device without equal.

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary brush-less 24 volt Vortex DC motor enables spray tan industry breakthroughs in form factor, low weight, low noise, reliability and long life. No carbon brushes to wear out or create dust.
  • Big floor standing tanning machine performance in a hand held? Yes! Microprocessor chip fires ultra-fast, precise control signals that enable high performance in an ultra compact form factor. Weighs in at 1.53 lbs! Half the weight of the nearest competitor!
  • Quiet? The quietest on the market! Rated at a mere 50 decibels.
  • Modular, inter-changeable spray head for easy cleaning and quick solution change. Keep one for emergency back-up! Professional specs: stainless steel needle/nozzle, .5mm nozzle for ultra-fine atomization, 6 oz cup, supports horizontal and vertical fan spray patterns for broad coverage and quick application.
  • Salon Powerful. Mobile Ready. Flawless, Streak-Free Tan. Ultra-Light, Ultra-Quiet, All-In-One Digital Spray Tan System. Simply Revolutionary! Simply ION.

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