Naked Sun X-Fan Tent Bundle with X-Fan Spray Tan Solution Overspray Extraction Fan and Black Tanning Tent Extractor Booth

Naked Sun

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This bundle is a complete tanning overspray  / privacy solution. The bundle contains:

  • Naked Sun X-Fan Spray Tan Solution Overspray Extraction Fan with Two Layer Honeycomb Filter.
  • Naked Sun Spray Pop Up Tanning Tent with Carry Bag

The Naked Sun X-Fan Extraction Fan has been conceived specifically for spray tan overspray extraction. The long life motor is designed to function in a high moisture environment and it has a built in air filter frame that can accommodate any 16 in x 16 in standard air filter. The unit has three different air speeds to select the air exchange you prefer. The unit does a great job cleaning the air even at the lowest setting.

The XFan extractor comes standard with a unique bi-layer filter. One layer is a white finely pleated hepa filter which faces into the fan. The other layer consists of numerous cells containing activated carbon that is covered by a black fine mesh fabric.  This layer faces out and gives a dark, attractive honeycomb look. The activated carbon is great at removing odors. This filter has a convenient loop to easily slide a filter out of the unit.

Spray tanning health guidelines recomend protection from the inhalation of spray tan overspray. Overspray is whisked away from you and your client to ensure you both breathe clean, uncontaminated air.

Fan Features:

  • Professional Grade - Spray tan extraction fan unit designed for the extra load required to perform air filtration in a moist environment.
  • Moisture Rated - High efficiency motor assembly rated for moist environment operation
  • Metal Core Frame - Strong, light-weight housing with metal core frame
  • Multi-Speed - 3 operational speeds to match air filtration needs
  • Two Sided Hepa/Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter - Premium two sided filter comes standard. Hepa filter side excels at removing tiny droplets. Honeycomb activated carbon side excels at removing odors.
  • No Filter "Lock In" - Buy from us or use any standard 16 in x 16 in air filter you find locally.
  • Easy Slide Filter Replacement - Easy slide in - slide out air filter holder

The Naked Sun Black Pop Up Tanning Tent is the most popular in the US. It features:

  • Extra Large Size for client comfort
  • Heavy weight stain resistant fabric
  • "Springy" metal frame that pops up into a tent shape and easily collapses for storage and transport.
  • "Skylight" clear upper material for excellent tan application visibility
  • Built in vinyl waterproof floor for protecting flooring in the application area.
  • Shoulder strap carry bag for easy portability