Norvell M1000 Spray Tan Machine and Pro Tanning Solution Kit with Naked Sun Tent


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This bundle combines the Norvell Handheld Kit with an affordable Naked Sun Tanning Tent:

  • Norvell M1000 Spray Tan Machine with Professional Spray Gun
  • Naked Sun Black Tanning Tent
  • Norvell Sunless Pro Pack:
    1 - Venetian 8oz
    1 - Dark Rapid 8oz
    1 - Dark 8 oz
    1 - Cosmo 8 oz
    1 - XLATAN 8 oz
    1 - Hydrofirm 8 oz
    1 - DHA Free Training Solution 34 oz
    1 - Barrier Cream 34 oz
  • Extra cup and lid

The M-1000 HVLP System adds a professional, clean and pleasurable sunless tanning experience for your clients and technicians.

Expertly crafted from top to bottom for the optimal application of solutions, this lightweight system produces the ideal spray for a smooth application.


  • HVLP M-Gun
  • Lightweight Shoulder Strap for Added Portability
  • HVLP Technology
  • Adjustable Spray Pattern
  • Minimal Overspray
  • Standard 110v Plug

M-100 HVLP System Includes:

  • Mobile M1000 Turbine
  • 10' Quick Connect/Disconnect Hose
  • M Series HVLP Spray Gun
  • Standard 110v Electrical Cord
  • Operation Manual