Dreamaway Self Tan Sleep Sack

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The Dreamaway Self Tan Sack / Travel Sheet is redefining beauty sleep for self Tanners and spray tanners!

Made from our Dreamy, Silky Cloud Blend Material our satin finish sleep sack is the ultimate solution for a flawless, stain-free self tan while you dream away... Our Dreamy Cloud Blend Material is not only silky to the touch but also breathable, regulating your body temperature and keeping you cool throughout the night. Say goodbye to stained bed sheets! Our sleep sack is designed to create a barrier between you and your bedding, keeping your tan intact and your sheets spotless.

The generous size (92 x 48) accommodates the sleeper that wants maximum space to slumber. With zippers on both sides you get easy access into and out of the the sleep sack. Use it with zippers all the way down  to mimic a top and bottom sheet sleep. Use it with zippers all the way up for a cozy sleep on a cool night. Or stick a foot out by sliding up the bottom zipper slide. There are two zipper slides for each zipper. You get the ultimate flexibility in how open or closed the sleep sack should feel!

The Dreamaway sleep sack has a built in sleeve to hold your pillow. Just slide your pillow in and protect your personal pillow case. But we also include a Dreamaway pillow case as a special bonus! Use it instead of the built in pillow holder or, if you are a two pillow sleeper, along with it. Or use it every night even when you're not tanning for a dreamy, restful sleep!

The Dreamaway self tanner sleep sack includes a travel bag made of the same dreamy material as the sleep sack!  The Dreamaway makes an ideal hotel travel sheet! Its not just for tanning! Its for dreaming!