Airbrush Kits Buyers Guide

Oasis Portable Spray Tanning Machine with Norvell Professional Solution Kit and Pop Up Tent

The Oasis, a professionally inspired spray tan gun integrated with a powerful mini turbine, is a spray tanning device like no other. No bulky floor standing turbines, no cumbersome hoses, not an adapted paint sprayer. Oasis is a powerful, compact cosmetic tool as easy to operate as a hair dryer. Its sleek spa appearance and graceful designer lines fit in at home or in a sophisticated salon. Best of all, the Oasis delivers performance rivaling dedicated floor standing spray tan machines.

  • Powerful turbo fan airflow rivals full size spray tan units.
  • Lightweight, compact & mobile -- take anywhere on the go system!
  • Micro mist nozzle delivers a flawless, streak free bronze glow
  • Removeable spray head with corrosion resistant stainless-steel needle/nozzle

ION Spray Tan Machine System Kit with Norvell ONE Venetian Cosmo Sunless Tanning Solution and Pop Up Tent

The Ion is a visionary instrument that marks a new era in portable spray tanning. The Ion is powered by an ultra-efficient Vortex engine -- a high velocity electric motor with the latest digitized computer control technology. There are no mechanical brushes to wear out or create carbon dust, just rapid-fire electronic pulses dictating ultra-precise engine control and speed.

  • Revolutionary brushless 24 volt Vortex DC motor enables spray tan industry breakthroughs in form factor, low weight, low noise, reliability and long life. No carbon brushes to wear out or create dust.
  • Big floor standing tanning machine performance in a hand held? Yes! Microprocessor chip fires ultra-fast, precise control signals that enable high performance in an ultra compact form factor. Weighs in at 1.53 lbs! Half the weight of the nearest competitor!
  • Quiet? The quietest on the market! Rated at a mere 50 decibels.
  • Modular, inter-changeable spray head for easy cleaning and quick solution change. Keep one for emergency back-up! Professional specs: stainless steel needle/nozzle, .5mm nozzle for ultra-fine atomization, 6 oz cup, supports horizontal and vertical fan spray patterns for broad coverage and quick application.
  • Salon Powerful. Mobile Ready. Flawless, Streak-Free Tan. Ultra-Light, Ultra-Quiet, All-In-One Digital Spray Tan System. Simply Revolutionary! Simply ION.

Economy Airbrush Tanning Kit

The Economy Tanning Kit is perfect for at-home applications, entry-level technicians and small mobile businesses. Centered around the Iwata Silver Jet compressor paired with the Iwata NEO BCN airbrush, this light-duty compact kit is portable, reliable and convenient.

  • Iwata Silver Jet Compressor
  • Iwata NEO BCN Airbrush
  • Norvell Tanning Solution Pack: 8oz Norvell Venetian Sunless Solution, 8oz ONE Rapid Tan Solution, 8oz XLATAN pH Balancing Solution
  • Silverjet compressor is good for airbrush makeup too!

The Pro Studio Tanning Kit

The Pro Studio Tanning Kit has two ways to spray and is the ultimate in flexibility. Use as a single- or dual-workstation system and easily switch between airbrush tanning and airbrush touch-up, tattoos or airbrush makeup.

  • Includes the Iwata HP-BCR airbrush & the Iwata G6 Spray Gun
  • Powerful, dual-piston, 1/6hp Iwata Jet Pro compressor for generating enough airflow for spray gun use
  • Dual workstation compatibility - dual adjustable pressure regulators, quick connect ports, pressure gauges, moisture filters & airbrush holders
  • Professional Tanning Solution Sunless Producst Bundle